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Developing a High Value Mentality, Femininity and Investing in Yourself #64

Episode Notes

On this week's episode, we talk femininity, having a high value mentality and self-investment. 

My beautiful guest this week is Cat Shanu.  Cat is a femininity expert and coach, ambitious go-getter and lover of luxury. 

She is also the CEO + founder of The Femme Guide - a community of feminine and ambitious women who know their worth. 

The Femme Guide’s mission is to help redefine what femininity is for the modern day woman through providing support from online courses and one-to-one coaching, clarity and transformative steps. 

She is passionate about showing women how she went from ugly duckling (her words, not ours) to swan. But with an emphasis on not having to become a whole new person, but rather through enhancing the attributes they already have.



• How to balance ambition and femininity 

 • The transition of femininity over the decades 

• Using feminine energy in your personal development journey

• What it means to be 'high value' and how to develop a high value mentality

• Tips to start tapping into your femininity today


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Cat's instagram:  @catshanu

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