Level Up With Lu

How to Take Back Control of Your Life #57

Episode Notes

Welcome back!

This week's episode, Lu discusses self-domination, success and Western and Eastern philosophies with Natsune Oki. Natsune is the host of LifeUp EducationTV, the author of "The Game Of Self Domination" and a female entrepreneur at ForeignConnect.

She is passionate about creating lifelong success and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Her goal is to help people reach their dreams and master resilience, while feeling worthy, happy, and inspired. 


- Western and Eastern philosophy. Redefining failure, success and happiness.

- Self Domination: How one can create personal transformation.

- How to persevere in order to succeed.


Instagram: @levelupwithlu⁣⠀

Get in touch: levelupwithlu@gmail.com

Natsune's Website: https://www.lifeupeducationtv.com/